Valve Assembly
Flame Cup Assembly
provides the user with control over the strength of  
attachs the torch to the the flame and a shut off for
the torch.  The Valve is designed to shutting off the
fuel flow at full tank pressure.  

Valve assembly  includes these parts:
  • INTAKE PROBE, which inserts into the
    bottle or hose and opens the connection to
    the fuel vapor.  
  • THREAD BOX screws onto the bottle or
    hose and secures the seal between the
    torch and fuel source.
  • BLACK RUBBER GASKET, visible inside
    the thread box is pressed onto the bottle or
    hose when the torch is screwed onto the
    fuel source.   It creates the seal.   It is held
    in place by a washer and the intake probe.
  • VALVE KNOB controls the flow of fuel
    vapor and allows the user to control the
    flame.  The Valve Stem connects the knob
    to the torch.  

NOTE: Older versions of the Hot Head Torch have
cork gaskets.   Gaskets are replaceable, but rarely
wear out.  
The Bent Pipe transfers the fuel vapor from the Valve Assembly to the Flame
Cup Assembly, where the fuel vapor is forced through the ORIFICE.  

Important Note:  The Bent Pipe is permanently attached to the Valve assembly
by a proprietary, high heat adhesive.  Removing the Bent Pipe from the Valve
Assembly voids the guarantee and also ruins the torch.   
The Flame Cup Assembly is where the Hot Head makes it wonderful, clean, efficient
Flame.   The Flame Cup connects to the top of the Bent Pipe.  The Orifice is sealed
between the Bent Pipe and the Flame Cup.  The pressurized fuel vapor jets right up
the middle of the Flame Cup and into the BURNER by the orifice.  The Burner, which
is deep inside the Flame Cup, mixes the indrawn air with the fuel vapor.  The Mix of
air and vapor exits the end of the Flame Cup and is the source of and out of the end
of the Flame Cu of the  which is inside the flame  between them so it directs the fuel
straight up the Flame Cup
Bent Pipe
also called Bent Tube
6 Air Holes
Valve Knob