MAPP is disappearing in many places.  But all is not lost.  These days, MAP-PRO and Propylene can both be
    found at the hardware store where it used to be just MAPP and Propane.  Either MAP-PRO or Propylene will
    work just like MAPP for bead making.   MAP-PRO is easily found.   
    Recently, Propylene has also been showing up in 1 lb bottles in some areas.  Call ahead and find out.  

    Another approach, call and ask the Gas/welding suppliers where you can get "cutting fuel", "High Purity Brazing
    Fuel" or just "Brazing" fuel.    Those are the names everyone used to call this family of fuels based on Propylene
    (of which MAPP is a member).  

    The problem is… do you find out what the "cutting" or "brazing" fuel is called in your area?  Propylene is
    often marketed as simply Propylene or HPG.

    There are a lot of brazing fuels with slight variations in the blend so they are proprietary and have their own
    names, but they are all based on Propylene and will drive the Hot Head.  They all burn at about 3300 F to 3500
    F depending on the blend.  If you are in a rural area, a blend might be called AGFUEL.  In Chicago, it may be
    called Chemtaine.

    The reason we recommended MAPP way back when - it was the only "cutting" (hot) fuel available in ~1 lb bottles
    years ago.  New torch users need the user friendly 1 lb bottle so they can concentrate on learning bead making
    and not have the expense of or learning curve needed for a bulk fuel system   After making beads for awhile,
    some bead makers want to move to the larger tanks.  Some people, even professional bead makers, stay with
    the 1 lb bottles because they are convenient, portable, and easily stored.

    Good luck.  The fuel is out there - you just have to know what to call it.  
    •        For 1 lb bottles, look for MAP-PRO or even Propylene at the hardware store.  
    •        For your bulk fuel system - we recommend Propylene - it is the cleanest most unadulterated version of the
    fuel that will drive the Hot Head, but all the blends based on Propylene will work fine, like MAP-PRO.

    A note about Propane:  Propane is NOT recommended fuel for the Hot Head and only burns at 2400 F.  
    True, Propane costs less, but bead for bead the hotter fuels give you more bang for the buck, and
    they won’t foul your torch.

    If you need more information contact  Ed Hoy’s:

    Ed Hoy’s International
    27625 Diehl Road,
    Warrenville, Il. 60555